Jonathan Fleming (client success)

Jon is a client that I have known and worked with since March 2020. Jon is just about to hit a loss of 20kg’s from his first starting position, and to say that I am proud doesn’t give him and or you (the reader) enough emphasis of just how proud I am of this man. Jon is showcasing what I wish and desire for all my clients, not only to see sustainable results, but yet LIVE them. Actually allowing the training and nutritional changes to improve your day to day life.

What do I mean by “living your results”, I mean actually getting to a point with your improved lifestyle, not just your weight loss, not just your fitness, but your overall life is improved because of the knowledge learnt and knowledge you put into practice. It is inspiring seeing Jon explode with confidence from our small time working together.

Our first conversation was one that I have had all too often since breaking away from the general theme of the fitness industry. Jon was already in a training routine, was already exercising enough and/or hard enough to a point you would expect either at least a fitness result or weight loss. Jon’s busy work schedule and family commitments had him backed into a corner. Jon will laugh when I write this, but I strictly remember asking him towards the end of our first conversation “Is there any particular performance goal or training goal that you have”, to which his reply was “No, to be honest I just want to lose the weight”. I am sure that Jon can confirm this, but my response was along lines of “Lets just wait and see once we have you on an actual progressive program, then your answer may change Jon hahaha”.

With Jon’s number one goal of losing weight, his program and coaching was completely dictated around this goal. We commenced our coaching calls where Jon could start to understand how the body works, why he was where he was, and what will his journey look like as he steers himself in the right direction.

Since working with Jon in March, his understanding of how the quality of the food, misguided training intensity, and daily stress was causing him to become more unhealthy than not. Once Jon had a grasp on improving the quality of his diet and lifestyle, we soon were ready to dive into his weight loss focus. It’s obviously amazing to see you tipping the scales of a 20kg weight loss goal within a year, but to me, it’s inspiring to see you get your life back. If you ask me the number on the scales is great but seeing you have more energy with your family, having better physical capabilities to play, walk, bike, run and more with your family is what is truly life changing. This is what’s all about, getting yourself to a level with your health where you are no longer held back, no longer a prisoner within your own body and lifestyle.

Before I wrap this up, I figure I should also inform people that not only has your health improved vastly since March 2020, but you also ran a half marathon (21km) last Sunday the 8th November!. Your training has been a balance between strength and aerobic conditioning with our main priority being the weight loss. The training program has been working for you so well (go figure right, you train easier and you get fitter lol), your body has finally had a chance to adapt appropriately, and running a half marathon because….”because you just can”. Your body has become that fit and healthy that on a normal week of training you can now run a half marathon without even specifically training for it.

Jon, mate I want to say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you since March 2020 and you are an exact example of why I will be doing this for the rest of my life, breaking busy people away from the general fitness and weight loss offerings out there. Thank you for becoming a shining example Jon, the pleasure has been all mine.


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