Client spotlight (Fiona Bush)

Fiona Bush

“I originally started with Nathan for exercise advice as I had many injuries and couldn’t train ‘properly’ for the weight loss that I wanted. I was the ultimate yoyo dieter, and growing up in the 80’s, it was all about ‘No Fat’, and hard core aerobics and high intensity exercise to lose weight. Funnily enough after years of that type of diet and exercise, I had many injuries, some permanent, and even when I lost weight, would then proceed to put it back on again, like so many others. Naturally I thought I knew all there was to know about diet and exercise as I had lived and breathed it for so many years. Well then along comes Nathan, and everything I thought I knew was blown out of the water.  Eat more good fats and easier exercise were some of the basics he started with. Naturally I was thinking, ‘this guy is crazy’, but I went along with it anyway, and you wouldn’t believe it…these ‘crazy ideas’ actually worked. Someone when I started with Nathan who was already a client had said to me, ‘whatever he tells you to do, just do it and you will lose weight’’. I have to tell you, they were absolutely correct. On a serious note, Nathan’s knowledge and experience  with the food, fitness and weight loss industry is huge, but his passion for your success in meeting your goals surpasses even that. He is a genuine person with a passion for his chosen field, and there has never been a time when he hasn’t answered one of my million questions, or been there to bolster me up, or kick me in the butt as required. I can and would honestly recommend Nathan and his program to one and all.”

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Fiona and an honour to get the opportunity to work with her. With a 15% body weight reduction since our first conversation, Fiona has applied the knowledge she learnt and maintained this drop successfully. As Fiona mentioned, her experience with previous weight loss programs caused her too yo-yo with her initial weight loss and then experience the inevitable weight gain that comes with many programs.

Watching Fiona make the changes to her nutrition and training has been an amazing thing to watch, who would have thought that you could train easier and/or less and still hit the weight loss goals you are after. Obtaining sustainable weight loss is much more of a process of information consumption rather than just “following a program”, it’s learning to understand how the body works, and why 95% of people put their weight back on after the first 2-3 years.

If you have ever lost weight and put it back on (could be more than once), the fixated approach of “Eat less and move more” towards your weight loss goals is a sure way to have you caught in this never ending cycle. Learning how the quality of food consumed effects the body and how stress will impact many of these goals is a large part of producing sustainable weight loss. Not just religiously counting and cutting calories for the remainder of your life.

Have you ever lost weight and put it back on?

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