Long Term Results (client highlight)

I have had the pleasure of working with this client since the 24th of February 2020. Like many clients that come to me for either weight loss or general health goals, typically all of the people we work with are people well experienced in the diet and exercise world.

What do I mean by this?

By saying that these people are well experienced in the diet and exercise world, I am referring to the fact that they are already exercising regularly and usually vigorously. These clients are typically already strictly trying to “eat and less and move more”, to elicit health and weight loss benefits, but yet fail to grasp the consistent results that they deserve with such effort.

This example that I am about to share with you, is no different to the majority of my client portfolio. This client was training roughly 5-7 days per week with what was explained at the time at a high level of intensity for majority of these sessions. The style of training was your typical F45 style classes, where you are pushing your limits for roughly 45-60 minutes. They had tried for many years the calorie counting, low carb, low fat pursuit of weight loss, with very little in return, if not more weight gain in the long run. Like myself, I am sure this client would refer to herself as a yo-yo dieter when reflecting on her prior weight loss results.

When I started working with this client (purely online), they were uncomfortable with their weight, uncomfortable with their body, and to add on top of this, they were working their ass off in the gym just about everyday with nothing to show for it.

Fast forward to now, April 2021.

This client has reduced her body weight by over 24% since Feb 2020.

Just let that percentage sink in for a second. …..

One quarter of this person is no longer with us.

This person now trains less and easier compared to her previous training resume, and is on her way to completing some serious endurance events like hiking the K2K, 60km Hike with her coach (me), taking up mountain bike riding and….. (you know what the other could be lol).

Her name is Karolyn, and I am completely honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such an outstanding person who has taken the time to actually understand her body (patiently), and what it needs for her to start seeing the results she was after.

The thing you need to understand about my coaching, is that I do not apply the same approach to every client I have. There can be some common theme’s as all of us are the same species, however we all come from different backgrounds, different experiences, different expectations and have different limitations. The way that I coach allows for the differences between people’s lifestyles, so that we can adapt and adjust things necessary so that the client can adhere easily, pursue their goals with a more manageable modality (and yes it is managed) and actually understand why they are doing what they have been asked. I refuse to just tell people what to do these days, and only intend on teaching why and how so that when the client is faced with the challenges, they can understand the implications of their decisions.

So what are some of the changes made to Karolyn’s lifestyle?

With Karolyn’s initial consumption of food being so low, getting her to drop body fat was always going to be a battle with her metabolic rate shot from years of dieting attempts. An initial process started with a higher consumption of total food (very slowly!) and an understanding of how to become more metabolically flexible, so that her body fat would become more use to her in the future (this subject is a little deep in details for just this blog). Understanding the role of protein, fat and carbs and how we could best adjust these three to suit her lifestyle and training goals. Eating more initially was a real struggle for Karolyn, but soon realising that there was zero weight gain with a higher consumption of food already had her mind blown, lol.

Training went from regular to irregular, and the intensity went from high to medium (if not low). Karolyn took time to understand why the training she was doing beforehand was literally adding to her health and weight problems, as her body was not in a position to actually adapt from the stressors applied (chronic levels of stress hormone’s).

These are just a few of the subjects adjusted in Karolyn’s lifestyle to be able to lose the weight and keep it off. Rather than getting a little deep into the science behind Karolyn losing the weight because really everyone needs a different approach, I think it would be more beneficial for your reading to understand what characteristics Karolyn showed to actually put the knowledge into practice.


It creates the energy and will to make change happen. It inspires individuals to commit, to persist and to give their best.

Self Awareness

The ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions do or don’t align with your internal standards.


Designate or treat (something) as being very or most important.


Stamina describes a person’s ability to sustain physical and mental activity. People with low mental stamina may find it difficult to focus on tasks for long periods and become distracted easily.

These four characteristics that Karolyn has shown is some of the key components to her success. When we first started, there was an overwhelming sense of “I don’t care what I have to do, just show me the way Nathan” kind of vibe when I was conversing with Karolyn. With her tried and failed attempts for many years following the typical fitness and health advice like “Eat less and move more” or “no pain, no gain” Karolyn was just ready to stop, learn, process, understand and implement what she actually needs to do. This initially took a lot of self control to pull back and patiently change her life. I want to commend Karolyn for taking the time and pulling back even when she would have chosen not too. Pulling back and focusing on more things like rest is such a hard task to do but can be the one thing standing in our way of true success.

Thank you so much Karolyn for letting me coach you into such success. I am excited to see what you bring over the coming years with your health and performance.

P.s…. Can Hamish and I come and do K2K with you? hehehe

Want and need a hand with your health and performance? Did this story sound familiar to your own?

I am the guy you come and see when you have done everything under the sun, training most days and still end up more overweight than you want and need.

So if this is you and you are serious about change, let’s chat.


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