Turning your “wants” into your actual life

Hey Team, Hoping you are all well and settling back into your routine as Easter/Anzac Long Weekends are over. If you are anything like me, having some time away like this can really give you an opportunity to reset and potentially set some goals or even goals on top of your current goals (always lookingContinue reading “Turning your “wants” into your actual life”

Living the lifestyle (Client Meghan Kenny)

When your ultimate dreams for a client come true While of course I find it amazing when I see a client change their diet and lose a stack of weight, but if I was truly honest what really impresses me is seeing an individual not only lose a stack of weight…. is keeping it offContinue reading “Living the lifestyle (Client Meghan Kenny)”

Staying healthy and fit with our kids while in lockdown (Weekly Video Log)

Another week in our household. Trying to build and maintain fitness when you have young kids is always a task. Sometimes it’s time to rest and just take a week off and sometimes it’s a chance to kick yourself up the butt…. Looking forward to seeing our clients again sometime soon 🙂 For now weContinue reading “Staying healthy and fit with our kids while in lockdown (Weekly Video Log)”

Weekly Training Vlog

OXFAM Trailwalker is a 100km hiking challenge from Brooklyn to Manly. OXFAM is such a great challenge to train for and we have a few groups signed up, with their fingers crossed hoping the event will go ahead (either way they will still complete it). This video below is a week in my family’s shoesContinue reading “Weekly Training Vlog”

21% GONE! (Client Highlight)

If you know me well, you know I love stats lol. June 2020 – May 2021. 49 Weeks total coaching. 2 x 30min coaching conversations per week (sometimes longer). 21% weight lost. 16kg’s weight lost. 1100-1400 cals/day when we started. 1400-1800 cals/day when we finished. Competed 127 walks with a total of 71.5hrs over 49Continue reading “21% GONE! (Client Highlight)”

Convict 100 MTB event and UTA 100 2021 (update)

Just over a week ago was the Convict 100 MTB event and now it’s UTA 100 time! Little update. #morrismethod​ #endurance​ #regulardad​ #dailyenergy

“Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)

13th May 2019 was the first week I got to work with now long term client Tracey. I believe that Tracey truly has found equilibrium or balance if you will, with her health and performance results. Going from the inability to complete 1 push up to now crushing numerous weekly strength workouts, enduring a 50kmContinue reading ““Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)”

Long Term Results (client highlight)

I have had the pleasure of working with this client since the 24th of February 2020. Like many clients that come to me for either weight loss or general health goals, typically all of the people we work with are people well experienced in the diet and exercise world. What do I mean by this?Continue reading “Long Term Results (client highlight)”

Aerobic Deficiency

It can be hard to understand if you have a poor aerobic base or not…. especially without taking yourself to a science lab. The above gives you a few descriptions of what it could look or feel like if you are experiencing aerobic deficiency. The key to enhanced endurance performance will always start from yourContinue reading “Aerobic Deficiency”

Hiking in Australia, Kosciuszko National Park (Vlog part 1)

Hiking in Australia is seriously one of the best family activities I think you can do. Fresh air, sun on your skin and adventure to be had by all. Hiking always becomes interesting when you have young ones, but the difficulty is well worth it at the end. Nicole has some great words of adviceContinue reading “Hiking in Australia, Kosciuszko National Park (Vlog part 1)”