Staying healthy and fit with our kids while in lockdown (Weekly Video Log)

Another week in our household. Trying to build and maintain fitness when you have young kids is always a task. Sometimes it’s time to rest and just take a week off and sometimes it’s a chance to kick yourself up the butt…. Looking forward to seeing our clients again sometime soon ­čÖé For now weContinue reading “Staying healthy and fit with our kids while in lockdown (Weekly Video Log)”

Hiking in Australia, Kosciuszko National Park (Vlog part 1)

Hiking in Australia is seriously one of the best family activities I think you can do. Fresh air, sun on your skin and adventure to be had by all. Hiking always becomes interesting when you have young ones, but the difficulty is well worth it at the end. Nicole has some great words of adviceContinue reading “Hiking in Australia, Kosciuszko National Park (Vlog part 1)”

Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son)

Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son) is the start to a new video series where I leave messages to my son Hamish. Message to my son. Time is the most valuable commodity. So┬áprecious┬áthat you are unable to buy more. Once lost, it can never be replenished. This hiking trip withContinue reading “Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son)”

Self supported trekking (My 133km COVID event)

A self supported trek from my own doorstep. With all events cancelled in 2020 I wanted something to challenge myself but also experience another level of self growth. A total effort of 133km’s in Australia outback with some of the km’s taking me an hour to complete. Trekking in these conditions while self supported wasContinue reading “Self supported trekking (My 133km COVID event)”

Team hike (and li-lowing haha)

Having the fitness for hiking in these sorts of conditions is something many wish they had. This video showcases the fitness some of our Sydney clients have gained since starting their journey with us. An absolute massive day out hiking, swimming, li-lowing and more in this video log. Do you have the fitness you wantContinue reading “Team hike (and li-lowing haha)”

Running lighter on the trails

Click here to schedule yourself in: Tuesday 6:00pm with a conversation about how you can feel lighter and thus go longer on the trails. If you have a passion for trail running or even speed hiking like I do, this video will give you a few tips and tricks I use to stay feeling “lightContinue reading “Running lighter on the trails”

Fitness tips for weekend hiking

Do you love bush walking? I don’t know about you but heading out the door with a back pack catering for a full days worth of sight seeing is all the motivation I need to stay healthy and fit. The question is…. are you physically fit enough to thoroughly enjoy your hiking? This video willContinue reading “Fitness tips for weekend hiking”

Breaking free

You want to know what it’s like for me to go out trail running, out hiking and go exploring for hours on end? Click here for the full video. Do you ever dream about doing things, but feel like you keep yourself from doing it? Do you ever dream about doing things, but feel yourContinue reading “Breaking free”