Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son)

Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son) is the start to a new video series where I leave messages to my son Hamish. Message to my son. Time is the most valuable commodity. So precious that you are unable to buy more. Once lost, it can never be replenished. This hiking trip withContinue reading “Hiking to Kedumba Campsite Blue Mountains (A message to my son)”

Self supported trekking (My 133km COVID event)

A self supported trek from my own doorstep. With all events cancelled in 2020 I wanted something to challenge myself but also experience another level of self growth. A total effort of 133km’s in Australia outback with some of the km’s taking me an hour to complete. Trekking in these conditions while self supported wasContinue reading “Self supported trekking (My 133km COVID event)”

Balancing family and training (weekly vlog)

Balancing family and training is a never ending challenge. When it comes to improving your health and performance, lets face it… you will never have enough time and there never will be an ideal time to start. You just need to start where you are with what you have. Many of our clients don’t actuallyContinue reading “Balancing family and training (weekly vlog)”

Putting a price on health.

It was my son’s 2nd birthday on Monday and we had my parents come down with us to stay for a couple of nights over the weekend while we celebrated.  It’s probably pretty clear now to most of you reading and following on, that both mental and physical health as well as performance is aContinue reading “Putting a price on health.”

Team Hike | Nathan’s Training Week

You know those great weeks of training, where everything just comes together and you find out that your programming, lifestyle and discipline to controlling intensity really pays off?. This is one of those weeks 🙂 Are you new to our page and training methods? Check out the link below to give you much more informationContinue reading “Team Hike | Nathan’s Training Week”