Convict 100 MTB event and UTA 100 2021 (update)

Just over a week ago was the Convict 100 MTB event and now it’s UTA 100 time! Little update. #morrismethod​ #endurance​ #regulardad​ #dailyenergy

Ultra Trail Australia 2021 (Vlog | Rolled ankle and general training advice)

Ultra Trail Australia 2021 for me is looking quite unstable at the moment. I have managed to roll my ankle 8 weeks out of Ultra Trail Australia 2021 and things are still not back to normal. We are currently flooded out of Sydney, so access too scans for the ankle is currently out of theContinue reading “Ultra Trail Australia 2021 (Vlog | Rolled ankle and general training advice)”

Fat burning and endurance training (Ultra Trail Australia 2021)

Fat burning and endurance training really are a perfect combination. Considering endurance is predominately an aerobic activity, ensuring that your body can burn fat is such an advantage to your endurance training and performance. Looking past all of the health benefits of becoming a good fat burner (metabolic flexibility), the benefits can dramatically improve onesContinue reading “Fat burning and endurance training (Ultra Trail Australia 2021)”

Weight loss and endurance goals.

Weekly update.Starting weight 77.8kg.This week is 76.2kg. The drop is happening and what I am most excited for is that my pace, endurance and overall performance has taken a huge jump over the last mesocycle of training. This is not just a lucky occurrence, I spent the last 12-15 months strictly building aerobic base. ItContinue reading “Weight loss and endurance goals.”

Clients running 100km’s!!!! (Ultra Trail Australia)

Ultra Trail Australia is an iconic trail race in the Blue Mountains of Australia. This is a trail running race of 100km’s with tough terrain going through some of the most magical areas that the Sydney Blue Mountains has to offer. I am a health and performance coach who helps people improve their health soContinue reading “Clients running 100km’s!!!! (Ultra Trail Australia)”