What do our clients say?

Kylie Davison

“I was introduced to you online through promotion of your services from my friend who has achieved phenomenal results!  I remember our first conversation and you said ‘ you would change my life’. I really didn’t believe what you were saying as I had flogged myself for years at training sessions and ate relatively well most days. I just thought I would give it a go and what did I have to lose. Ha ha I did not know it would be so easy to lose weight!!!

Training online with you has been a breeze, I love the professional approach you have and I understand when you really need me to do something however you have a fabulous way with words that never makes me feel I am being told to do this. You are a great guide and with all the programs you have created I feel you have really held my hand as well as your little messages of encouragement and check- ins along the way are a great support.  I have never worked with someone who really focusses and listens to what their client wants to achieve. It’s not just about fitness as you offer a complete lifestyle change. You certainly know what you are doing and I am so thankful for the calls, emails and messages.

You have completely changed my life!! I feel fitter than I ever have and I have a love for food that I never had before.

Keep up the awesome work coach! 🙂

Siobhan Kelley

I have always been a self-starter, highly motivated and dedicated to my training routine and eating what I considered to be a healthy diet.

I started running eight years ago, up to 20-something kilometers a week at distances of up to 12 kilometers.  As someone who liked to keep fit, the thought of employing a personal trainer always seemed quite ludicrous to me.  After all, I was not a professional athlete and never had a problem with training or diet.  

At 47, my results were starting to wane.  My running times were becoming slower, and I found myself slowly gaining weight.  I was unhappy with the way I looked, and while I would still be considered thin, I lacked muscle tone.  I started looking for answers and began listening to podcasts and reading books on nutrition and exercise.  I gave myself three months and began an N1 experiment,  I had already eliminated all refined sugars, flour and vegetable oils from my diet and decided to adopt a high fat, low carb ketogenic approach to eating. In addition, I had learned about MAF training (Maximum Aerobic Function, calculated at 180 minus your age) and decided to buy a heart-rate watch.  I gave up all running and cardio in favour of walking – which for me was a real struggle – in order to build an aerobic base.

Three months later, I was feeling dissatisfied with my ketogenic diet, which was leaving me hungry and quite often lead me to indulge on almond butter mixed with coconut butter to fill the hunger pangs.  I was also ready to reintroduce some form of exercise again.  I made a decision that I wanted to focus on body composition.  Further research led me to understand that weight training was one of the most effective methods of gaining muscle, but I had no idea where to start.  The idea of going to a gym after spending the past three months dedicated to MAF terrified me, as much as incorrectly lifting weights or designing my own weight program did.  

I was introduced to Nathan through one of his colleagues.  The thought of working with a personal trainer who lived interstate was a little strange at first, but from our initial conversation I was convinced that Nathan understood the importance of MAF training and was not going to ask me to start eating carbs again.  I decided I would give him three months, learn what I could, and that would be the end of it.  

I lost two kilos within the first two months that I started basic training and food tracking, and I was amazed to discover how weak I was, considering the amount of swimming, running and Tabata I had been doing. After four months, I noticed a difference in my muscle tone, particularly my arms, legs and abs.  I am now entering my fifth month and, with Nathan’s help, I am setting new goals for myself. Including running a half marathon, which is something I have never considered before.

 I also became aware of how little I understood about calorie counting and nutrient density.  Tracking calories made me aware of the value of nutrient dense food.  This means when I am in a situation where I could easily succumb to chocolate or cake I would instead ask myself the question, ‘Would you rather eat this high calorie, empty nutrient food, or would you rather eat the steak that is going to fill you up and kill any cravings?’ Really, it became a no-brainer.

I started eating liver, heart and sauerkraut, which I never thought I would, and have ditched a majority of the ketogenic fats, keeping only butter, cream and avocado.  It always annoyed me when I heard women talking about being full and not having cravings.  Well, I am happy to report that I have become one of them.  Now I only eat twice daily, my cravings have disappeared and I find it difficult to overeat.

What I like about working with Nathan is firstly that he is enthusiastic.  He wants you to achieve your goals as much as you want to.  He encourages you without making you feel guilty if you do not achieve a set task.

Nathan understands that every one of his clients is unique, with different goals and differing levels of motivation.  He takes the time to tailor each program to the individual client and is always available.  He regularly checks in, through either texts and emails or phone conversations, and the occasional FaceTime to discuss how you are feeling, how your calorie tracking is going, what you are eating and whether or not you are sleeping

I like the variety of the program, unlike my own weekly routine that remained consistent.  I am constantly challenged and pushed by exercises I did not believe I could do, and by routines that look easy on paper, but are tough both mentally and physically.  Each Sunday I receive a weekly workout plan.  It is up to you what to select the program, day and time that suits you.  This makes it easy to fit in to any lifestyle, and it also saves the stress of writing your own program.  Anything within the program can be modified.  I train at home and don’t have access to all the gym equipment.  In this instance I will contact Nathan and he will send me an alternative exercise.  Any questions about technique or any clarifications you are seeking regarding any problems you might be experiencing are always answered.

But what I enjoy most of all about working with Nathan is our phone conversations.  We talk nutrition, swap recipes, and share thoughts on the latest podcasts we have listened to or books we have read, and more recently we discussed goal setting and future planning.  It is wonderful to have a coach who shares the same philosophies as me on exercise, nutrition and living.

Nathan lives and breathes his beliefs and philosophy about nutrition and exercise and he is eager to share them with people in a positive and meaningful way.  I have found Nathan to be a supportive, caring, enthusiastic, dedicated, positive, energetic and infectious coach, and I would highly recommend him for anyone who is self-motivated, enjoys being challenged, is eager to set goals and experiment, has an interest in diet and nutrition and has been training hard and eating clean but has noticed a decline in their training or a slight weight gain.

Sue Moore

“Participating in 2018 Oxfam was not only a daunting thought for me but a “real” goal with the possibility that I would not make it! What sort of fitness and strength did I need to compete in an event that required hiking for 100 kilometres with only 7 short breaks of no more than 30 mins (to replace bandaids!)?
I had been training with Nathan for approximately a year prior to succumbing to the thrill of taking on this challenge. I had built up overall body strength over this time when about three months out from Oxfam Nathan recommended that I start walking on the treadmill keeping my heart rate at 180 less my age (no I’m not telling you what that figure is, save to say I am “middle aged”!) for one hour three times per week gradually increasing to walk 10 kilometres each session. I did what he said eventually walking the 10 kms which took about 1 hour 40 mins twice a week then doing a 5 – 10 km hike “in the real world” once a week. My treadmill walks were nicknamed “the boring walk” and yes it was boring usually adjusting the incline to accommodate the low heart rate number.  It was frustrating keeping a walk when all I wanted to do was run to “save time” – why couldn’t I just run it, surely high heart rate = faster results, right?  I trusted Nathan, walked my heart out and it paid off finishing Oxfam in just over 29 hours ….. and less 3 toenails!

I have continued to do the boring walks, varying speed and/or incline in anticipation of participating in Oxfam again this year hoping to improve the time (and finishing with 10 toenails).  I have also transferred the LAHR theory to bike riding and do “a boring ride” on a stationary bike in the gym assisting in mountain bike races I compete in.

Sandi Strickland

I have been training with Nathan since February 2019 and in that time have lost 30 kilograms. I had been going to a gym every morning for about 7 years,  doing the classes, working out really hard, restricting my calories and watching what I ate, all while feeling guilty for every small thing I ate that was “naughty”. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with not looking like someone who got up at 5:30 every morning to go to the gym and thought that perhaps I had reached that time in my life (mid forties) and that I was going to just be happy with how I was.
After my initial conversation with Nathan, I felt that it was not the case and that I could reach my goals of weight loss and increased fitness. He seemed to think that I needed to eat more and exercise less! A crazy notion which I had not even contemplated! Seeing as I felt like I had tried the other way I thought there was nothing to loose and so I went along with his grand plan for me. I gradually increased my calories and I exercised in a slower and less stressful way than I had for years. I began loosing weight straight away and could not believe that I was having eggs cooked with a little real butter!During my first personal training session with Nathan I felt quite embarrassed by what I was unable to do and with my technique, but I found that Nathan was professional and ensured I was performing the exercises correctly and to get the best effect! He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and diet, he seems to know how much information to give you and will often wait until you ask the right kind of question before providing well sourced information.  Nathan does not advise you on what you should be eating but guides you to make better choices, (even though sometimes I would like to be told what to eat!) What impresses me the most, is that he is so strongly committed to this way of Low Aerobic Heart Rate (LAHR) training, that he even gave up a cycle class that he was doing on a weekly basis because it went against what he was telling his clients to do. Nathan ensures you are accountable to yourself and the program, and is available to answer questions any time. He has sent videos of how to perform exercises that have been programmed and is happy to answer questions if he is not with a client. This is because, during the 1:1 PT sessions, his attention is completely on the client and he is not distracted by what is happening at the gym, unlike some other personal trainers I have had.

Brad Giblin

With the help of Nathan my weight is currently at a 14 year low. To think I finished school bigger
than I am now is mind boggling.
I started with Nathan in July 2019 and weighted in at 124.9kgs – I am currently just over 100kgs –
102.5kgs to be exact.
Over the past 20 weeks have learnt the importance of nutrition and how my carbohydrate intake
was controlling my eating habits.
Nathan has been nothing but supportive and knowledgeable throughout my journey, he has helped
me create new healthy habits both in nutrition and activity (I GO JOGGING NOW) – the best part is
that I believe this is just the beginning!
This bloke has a true passion in bettering peoples lives, pretty admirable if you ask me. Having him
on your team is a huge plus!

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