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What is The Morris Method all about?
Our sole purpose is to provide a platform of knowledge where you can understand what it truly means to perform physically and lose weight.

Morris Method Blog

21% GONE! (Client Highlight)

If you know me well, you know I love stats lol. June 2020 – May 2021. 49 Weeks total coaching. 2 x 30min coaching conversations per week (sometimes longer). 21% weight lost. 16kg’s weight lost. 1100-1400 cals/day when we started. 1400-1800 cals/day when we finished. Competed 127 walks with a total of 71.5hrs over 49Continue reading “21% GONE! (Client Highlight)”

“Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)

13th May 2019 was the first week I got to work with now long term client Tracey. I believe that Tracey truly has found equilibrium or balance if you will, with her health and performance results. Going from the inability to complete 1 push up to now crushing numerous weekly strength workouts, enduring a 50kmContinue reading ““Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)”

Would you like to turn your life into something seriously more?

We have a very particular set of skills that cater for a specific group of people.
If you need motivation to get to the gym… we realistically are not for you.

If you are going to the gym or have tried your best in the past and just not quite satisfied with your results with the amount of effort you are putting in….We are the team that can help you.

Both Nicole Morris and I have a decade each of knowledge and experience in the field of fitness and we strive to help busy people get more results out of the time they are putting into the gym. Without the typical “No pain, No gain” mindset.

Unfortunately, many people go to gym each and every week and just settle for the same old performance or results.

Unfortunately many people give up on their results or weight loss because they can not figure out how to train, eat and rest the correct way.

This makes me sad because we were once just like this. Flogging ourselves all the time and thinking that the only way to results was a hard session. “Bigger the calories and the harder I pushed the better right?”……..Nope, not quite.

If you are curious about why our clients get results.
If you are curious about what services we offer.
Reach out for a conversation.

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