Nathan Morris

Online Health and Performance Coach

I have been within the fitness industry for a decade, and have just about tried every style of training you can think of. Within this extensive time in the industry, I have been fit and healthy, although I have also experienced times of been unfit and unhealthy comparatively.

Name a style of training….. and most likely I have done it.
Name a style of dieting…… and most likely I have done it.

My experience when it comes to helping people improve their health and performance is boundless, with the knowledge grown over the years from working with many different people.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Group Fitness Manager (within large gym chain)
  • Personal Training Manager (within large gym chain)
  • Club Manager (within large gym chain)
  • Experience in a dozen different gyms based in Sydney Australia

Unfortunately there is a lot of backward recommendations when it comes to the average person whom works, has a family,but yet has health and performance goals.

I coach people through an educational platform, that allows me to tailor the training and nutrition for that one specific person and their goals.

Online Health and Performance Coaching

Weight loss coaching for:

  • Already active people struggling to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Endurance sport specific
  • “Yo-yo” dieters
  • People whom have lost weight in the past but keep putting it back on (plus more)

Endurance coaching/programming for events like:

  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon
  • Ultrarunning
  • Triathlon
  • Ironman – Half/full
  • Road/MTB Cycling
  • Multi-day hiking/adventure’s

Not the easiest to talk about, but what I am noticing as time progresses, is there are more and more people training regularly experiencing similar problems.

I have always trained for the purpose of becoming better.
I have always trained for the purpose of getting better performance.
I applied 6 years to a certain way of training that was prescribed to me by my mentors.
I taught and trained with pure tenacity and would teach classes with literally every blood, sweat and tear that I had.

When I first started teaching fitness classes, early on I had such great performance increases. Unfortunately  once the first 6-12 months of teaching these classes was over, the performance slowly showed less and less.

I was still trying as much as I could and even would participate in other group exercise classes throughout the week, just to try and get some more benefits.

I remember teaching classes and trying to come up with the best lines, the best quotes and the best routines to push my class and squeeze the absolute most out of people as I could.
I legitimately acted like I was going to war, and would just push as hard as I could and try and coach everyone to do the same.

So I did this for years and as time progressed I started to really ask myself some questions.
“Nathan, what the hell mate you are literally getting nowhere”.

I was still unhappy with my body composition and teaching in front of people was super hard knowing deep down inside I didn’t actually “have my shit together”.

So I started to ask more questions, so I could start to improve.
So started to ask other PT’s and other instructors.

The answer… “you obviously need to train more, train harder and eat less calories”. As you can imagine in my mind I as like “WTF I have tried all of this and I am still going around in circles”…

So I started to do my own research,
Improving your health and physical performance when you are a busy person goes much deeper then #calories and training #hard and #often.

I want to be living proof that with the right training program, people that work full time and have a family, can achieve outstanding performance, without the difficulty.

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