Living the lifestyle (Client Meghan Kenny)


When your ultimate dreams for a client come true 😍

While of course I find it amazing when I see a client change their diet and lose a stack of weight, but if I was truly honest what really impresses me is seeing an individual not only lose a stack of weight…. is keeping it off for years after (that’s the hard part).

Within the photo is the superstar client named Meghan.

A short background to her story is:

– Always dieting- Training 5-7 days per week (without fail)

– Training every session with an intent of a high level of intensity

– Rest was avoided (demonised) “no pain, no gain”

– Body fat levels climbing even though she was training all the time and dieting constantly⬆️(I am sure so many people can relate)⬆️

A very similar story to myself and the plethora of clients I have coached over the past 4 years. Like I said, it’s so inspiring to see Meghan go from the above state to dropping 15+ kilo’s and running 100km’s for FUN all from easy training. But what really gets me going is seeing her with her man living the lifestyle. Living her results and not stuck running around in circles. Not stuck constantly grinding away at something that serves zero purpose.

While I get it can be a challenge to lose weight, but to be honest the real challenge commences once you have lost it. Hence why I find it even more inspiring seeing Meghan living her healthy and fit life years later. Keeping weight off can be such a hard task due to many variables like:

– Biological adaptations

– Social adjustments

– Habitual tendencies

Having a plan that adapts and changes as you do is critical for long term success. How Meghan trains now is very different to years ago because she is realistically in a completely different body compared to before.

I know Meghan would agree when I say…..

Sometimes you gotta pull back before you can go forward.

It’s ok to ask for help.

You are an inspiration Meg!


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