Running lighter on the trails

Click here to schedule yourself in: Tuesday 6:00pm with a conversation about how you can feel lighter and thus go longer on the trails.

If you have a passion for trail running or even speed hiking like I do, this video will give you a few tips and tricks I use to stay feeling “light and fluffy” out on those long trail runs. Nothing worse then feeling heavy and bogged down on a long run.

Feel free to share with family and friends whom you think could benefit.

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“Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)

13th May 2019 was the first week I got to work with now long term client Tracey. I believe that Tracey truly has found equilibrium or balance if you will, with her health and performance results. Going from the inability to complete 1 push up to now crushing numerous weekly strength workouts, enduring a 50kmContinue reading ““Oh it’s easy for you, you have always been skinny” (Client highlight)”

Aerobic Deficiency

It can be hard to understand if you have a poor aerobic base or not…. especially without taking yourself to a science lab. The above gives you a few descriptions of what it could look or feel like if you are experiencing aerobic deficiency. The key to enhanced endurance performance will always start from yourContinue reading “Aerobic Deficiency”

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