“I never meant to be this guy”.

I never meant to be this guy, but what guy is that?

It sounds super cocky, but from my first day studying Fitness Cert III and IV for my personal training career, I felt like I would always be known. As I jumped into the fitness industry world I really found my calling and brand. I was well known specifically in my local gyms for the “hard” spin instructor, that didn’t give two shits about your feelings and you would only come to my classes if you were ready for a “real workout”. I was the commando guy, the guy that pushed people, the guy that got more out of you, the guy that had zero emotion and was just there to push you to new limits.

Besides my career of personal training and group fitness instructing, I had a passion for endurance training. Running and triathlons to be specific, I loved this type of training because it gave me a timeline to work towards, it gave me extra reason to get out of bed or extra reason to eat “clean”. One thing that always left me hanging back was my weight, I could put together a relatively good program, but I just couldn’t shake the weight. If you could see how much training I was doing, it would do my head in when people said “just east less and move more”, when I was already meticulously trying to do this. I would wake up on a Monday and go “Right Nathan, this is the week you are going to make it stick”, I would plan out my calorie deficit comparatively to my workout routine and go for it. I would see a few days of weight loss, but then for some reason by the time the next Monday rolled around I was the same weight, “WTF I am training more, eating less, why is the weight still the SAME?”.

So over the years I was doing these events, completing these amazingly long bike rides and brick sessions, you could say I was “fit” ,but for some unknown reason I just could not shake the weight.

Fast forward 10 years.

I am the guy the helps regular people whom have a passion for endurance training, but yet still can not shift the weight even though they are completing all these amazing events and big long training sessions.

I am the guy the helps people understand how your training, lifestyle and nutrition impacts and inhibits your weight loss.

I am the guy that never meant to be this guy, I was the hard pushy trainer that loved the idea of watching people suffer in training sessions (seriously this is not a joke). It was in the name of “health and fitness”, because that was what we all get told to do. My first mentor taught me to be like this, they taught me that if I want real results, I needed to put in the effort, I needed to put in the hours and lift the intensity, and so I did.

“Train more, eat less”

“Eat less, move more”

“No pain, no gain”

“If you aint hurtin, you aint workin”

What do you do when you are already trying to eat less and move more?, Because in the world of endurance training, how do you “move more” than a program already filled with hours of training…?

I have spent many years acquiring my knowledge to now suddenly be the go to go guy for regular people with endurance goals, that still can’t shake the weight. Let me tell you, if you do have endurance goals, running, hiking, swimming, cycling at a heavier weight will always leave you performing at a sub-par performance compared to someone whom can control their body weight to suit their goals and activities.

I never meant to be this guy.

I was meant to be the hard PT at the gym getting people results because of my “no bullshit” attitude.

I lost my way for many years. Even though I was not meant to be “this guy”, it’s safe to say I am known for helping regular people training all the time, lose their weight and achieve those audacious training goals, while still living a busy, happy and for filling lifestyle.

If you are training for an endurance event, but yet have other components of your life to balance (like a family or work), let me tell you finding the harmonious balance between high physical performance and copious amounts of energy for your family and work is possible. It’s just going to require you to drop the bullshit that we get told like “eat less, move more” and “no pain, no gain” at the door. I am achieving more endurance goals than I ever thought imaginable, I train easy and make sure my priorities are in order, family comes No.1, always has been and always been. The good thing is because the training is at the right zone, I have plenty of energy to support, play and enjoy my family time.

I am the guy you come to when you get jack of all the bullshit and want results without it been thrown back in your face that you haven’t “Eaten less and moved more”.

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