Sunday’s grogginess to Monday’s impulses

Do you ever wake up feeling like rubbish on a Sunday?

Do you ever wake up feeling so exhausted from your week, knowing it’s all about to start again?

Do you ever say these things to yourself on a Sunday?

“I am never drinking again”

“Oh my god I feel so bloated”

“That’s it, this week is going to be the week”

“I am going to the shop today to pre-make all my meals for the week”

“I am going to train each and everyday this week and finally see the weight loss I want”

You may even go to the point where you tell all of your family about your plans of kick starting your new health and fitness routine and how they need to keep you “accountable”. By doing these common actions, you are thinking that having others know what your plans are that when you go through a moment of struggle, they will be able to push you through it. Alternatively you tell your trainer to “push me extra hard this week and keep me more accountable towards my clean eating”.

So you go about starting the week right, your choices are good, you are sticking to the plan and you work your way through the week.

Does the graph below relate at all to you?

Y axis = Performance/Health (adherence)

X axis = Day of the week (time)

The above graph is a basic view of what a typical week looked like in my life going back 4 years or so. I wonder if you can relate to my break down below?.

A typical Sunday I would wake up feeling tired and groggy from a late night, big week and some not so optimal food choices (and liquid choices lol) since generally Friday knock off time is 5:00pm. I could break it into food groups but realistically compared to how I eat now, I am not sure you could call them “food items”. I would feel seriously rubbish and I would be so upset at myself because the week had been so great. I still tracked my calories eaten over the weekend, although the food choices were not ideal at all. I check my weight and as predicted it’s in the same bloody place as last week and despite my bad food choices over the weekend, I still came in under my targeted calories to be in my weight loss zone. Feeling rubbish and down right disappointed, I would amp myself up for the week ahead, make some adjustments to my plan for the week in advance and get to the shops to pre-make all my meals for the week so I have zero excuses to stick to it.

Monday arrives, I am pumped up and super motivated to make this happen.

Tuesday hurts, I am sore but still highly motivated to stick to my diet and get those results.

Wednesday, all good I was past half way now.

Thursday, sore again but super determined to push on through.

Friday, tired but this is going to be the weekend to make it stick!

Saturday, long sessions done, I feel depleted and my body needs the rest and food.

Saturday, 4:00pm we are off to our friends for a dinner party.

Feeling so proud of myself from this week’s efforts, I calculate the dinner and drinks into my food diary and make it fit with my calorie allowance…

Sunday arrives, and you guessed it… the cycle starts again.

Here are some stats for you:

Each week you have 168 hours.

From 5:00pm Friday until Monday 12:00am you have 55 hours.

This time from Friday to Sunday makes up 32.7% of your week.

So I am sure you can agree that even if Monday to Friday (5:00pm) is “perfect”, it won’t matter with 1/3rd potentially steering you in the wrong direction.

Now something to actually help you from reading this.

So before I go and blame you or myself on the fact that this cycle was happening, I want you to know that this behaviour and cycle is not actually all driven by just choice.

It’s like saying to overweight people that they have “eaten more than they have moved”, so just “eat less and move more”. Heard this before?

Not to give you a full scapegoat but for many that I coach and have coached, these cycle’s and behaviours are occurring for specific reasons. They are occurring because of certain habitual tendencies, social settings and most of all because of the way you are training and fuelling throughout your week. You can shoot for a “calorie deficit” or have a kick ass 12 week training program all you want, but until you understand how the stress and rest balance impacts your choices, behaviours and thus life, you will most likely be stuck in this vicious cycle for a very long time.

The way you train drives behaviours.

How hard you train drives behaviour.

What you eat drives behaviours.

When you eat, it drives behaviour.

If you are trapped in this cycle and can not manage to get yourself out, a new structure needs to be set in place to move forward.

A new structure comes from learning and educating yourself on health and performance.

Not just sticking to a program or diet plan.

Are you making a “wish list or resolutions?” as Tony likes to depict.

Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, led a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

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