Training with a new born and getting motivated.

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I couldn’t (and don’t want to) live a life without setting myself personal and family goals.

Are you walking through life without really achieving something other than going to work everyday…..?

My thoughts on getting “motivated”.

Maybe it’s my environment and my tendency to push the status quo, but I can’t help but notice those whom achieve more than the average, comes down to setting targets and pushing for continuous progression. Content but never satisfied.

You maybe thinking I am just talking about training and fitness, but really setting goals is an integral component to your general life. Nicole and I continue to ensure we are focusing and inputting time into our relationship and as a family unit. If the fitness goals you are gunning down aren’t matched with the same amount of effort towards your loved ones, how can you expect to grow together and experience the appropriate balance between family, work, health and fitness. I focus on my health and performance so that I can live better and have more energy to be with them, I don’t live to be healthier and fitter. The goal is to do things in a way that you can spend time effortlessly with your true loved ones. Having better health and performance is a sure way to enhance this time.

I don’t know about you but when I feel bogged down from life, work and just everything in general, setting a goal like running a marathon or losing weight is not likely to happen. I guess you could say that achievements, progression and ticking off goals has a compounding affect. One goal leads to another, one confidence boost leads to another and so on and so forth.

You need to take control and action of that moment you get a glimpse of motivation. Motivation won’t last and this desire will soon fly away. You need to take hold of this small moment in time and set something that you have confidence in completing.

Just a small level of confidence is necessary to be setting a goal, so if you are bogged down, low self-esteem, shooting for something that is audacious, is probably not the best idea.

So set something that is a piece of cake, an overly achievable goal.

A “ticker box” goal.

Anyone looking to improve health, improve physical performance at any level would have started with just ticking off small boxes, the micro steps, the easy and “do-able” tasks that accumulate overtime to become something so much bigger.

Do this for long enough and you will soon realise the insignificant sessions become your most powerful tool to improved fitness.

You want to think and perceive any “exercise” or training session completed as a negative to the body. It’s when you rest and recover that you actually start to see the benefits you are after. So by only relying on the long form sessions to create better endurance, you are apply the wrong dosage to your training volume. Meaning there is no favourable response to your adaptations. The incorrect “hormetic zone” if you will.

Prioritise the small things.

Prioritise the smaller sessions.

Prioritise the Monday to Friday sessions, and if you can’t always fit them into your week I would look at changing your plans for the weekend.

The body will adapt if you treat it right. By throwing a bunch of modalities and long form sessions at your body, this is great way to plateau or worse get injured.

One step, two step and three step.

No jumps.

Do the ground work.


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