21% GONE! (Client Highlight)

If you know me well, you know I love stats lol.

June 2020 – May 2021.

49 Weeks total coaching.

2 x 30min coaching conversations per week (sometimes longer).

21% weight lost.

16kg’s weight lost.

1100-1400 cals/day when we started.

1400-1800 cals/day when we finished.

Competed 127 walks with a total of 71.5hrs over 49 weeks.

This is the equivalent of 87.5 minutes of walking per week.

No structured training (walking was as desired).

No heart rate based training.

No resistance training.

Just purely lifestyle adjustments for this busy persons life.

This amazing client (see below) was an absolute pleasure to coach and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to coach such an amazing woman. Her willingness to sit back, take her time and understand her own body was truly inspirational. I still have not met this amazing lady face to face, but after almost a year of working together online the growth she has had with her food relationship and understanding is inspirational.

The list above sounds too good to be true right? Well when you can understand how the body works you can start to act accordingly and see results that you are after very easily. Once you have the knowledge it then comes down to the method and success of the application process. The below two subjects go over briefly what was occurring.

Starvation response in animals is a set of adaptive biochemical and physiological changes that reduce metabolism in response to a lack of food.

The famine reaction occurs because our body defends our weight. When you start losing too much weight or too quickly, the body brings on this defence mechanism to protect you from wasting away. These are the mechanisms of increased appetite, lethargy, and also reduced metabolic rate.

As with many weight loss clients I commence coaching, they are over trained, overstressed and sometimes unfortunately underfed. Now I am sure you are thinking how can you be overweight and “underfed?”. Well quite easily depending on what your body is doing with the dietary energy you are providing it with. The thing about weight loss is that once you have lost any significant amount of weight, the body will adapt to it. Down regulates metabolic rate, down regulates satiety hormones like leptin and up regulates fatigue and hunger hormones like ghrelin. So if you are anything like a yo-yo (A cycle of weight loss and weight re-gain), your body becomes very efficient at conserving energy due to the frequent attempts to lose weight (this was me for years!!!). To make a long story short, if you continue to eat less (not nothing), your body will compensate and adapt to it. It’s like you almost “diet” too good for your own good. Putting yourself in a position where you are eating little all the time, exercising a lot just to stop weight gain. This was this clients position upon starting.

So immediately upon starting, this client needed to understand that if we were to “push” for weight loss immediately, we really wouldn’t be able to sustain and/or maintain after once the initial motivation from a new program has been lost (reminder typically any new program you start will provide success in the short term). So a method for this client was produced and we took some gradual steps to improve the clients metabolic rate and general daily energy. Like all things with the body, it takes time to adapt. This phase took about 6 weeks before we begun the weight loss phase.

Fast forward 43 weeks and not only has the client lost 16kg’s from our starting position, but yet they have also brought their dietary intake to a level that was above their intake at the initial weigh in. Imagine that, consuming more food roughly a year later and you are 16kg’s lighter!

If you cast your eyes back to the beginning statistics, I have literally counted the amount of minutes, hours and sessions of walking this client conducted. Yes, I did this just to prove a point to you reading. Imagine that you could say that you have lost 21% of your body weight with an average of 87 minutes of easy walking each week. Goes to show that your eggs need to be placed in the correct basket. The basket for weight loss is and will always be the quality and quantity (overtime) of ones diet. So if you feel like you are lacking in time and that training/exercise is not possible within your life, don’t worry about. Place all your eggs in the diet category and you can see results just like this.

Sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”??

Reach out if you need a hand.

We have all had a helping hand at some point. Let’s chat today.

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