The Genius Life “Why we get fat” (podcast thoughts)

Episode 124: Why we get fat, how to fix insulin resistance…..

The above podcast with guest Benjamin Bikman is a great outline of his new book “Why We Get Sick” (see below) in relation to insulin resistance. There is so much conversation around “Eat less and move more” as a way to fight obesity but yet this way of looking at it could be one of the major reasons why losing weight and keeping it off long term is such a hard thing to do for so many people.

Have you ever “yo-yo” dieted before?

Lost weight and put it all back on?

Type 2 diabetes?

This was me for years and taking the time to understand how the quality of calories consumed impact the body and not just how much was a critical step in the right direction for me to fight my daily fatigue, total fat mass and physical performance.

I highly recommend not only this podcast episode but dive into his book below for much more detailed information.

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