Turning your “wants” into your actual life

Hey Team,

Hoping you are all well and settling back into your routine as Easter/Anzac Long Weekends are over. If you are anything like me, having some time away like this can really give you an opportunity to reset and potentially set some goals or even goals on top of your current goals (always looking forward right).

I go over it in detail in the below video log about motivation and setting goals, but to give you some easy to read quick info, here is what I recommend doing if you are struggling to get your health and fitness in the direction you are after.

  1. Motivation will not last (but should be used!)
  2. Mirror check
  3. System, methods and consistency.
  1. “Motivation will not last”. Motivation is such a powerful emotional tool that we all have access to at times. It can create some drastic change in ones life when used in a timely fashion. I wouldn’t be where I am today without a spur of motivation here and there. The key concept to understand about motivation is that it is like a battery, really great until you run out of charge. Like any battery you will be required to stop and re-charge it when you have exhausted it’s energy. What I am getting at here is that if you are feeling motivated right now, you need to quickly act upon this feeling because before you know it, it will be gone.
  2. “Mirror check”. A mirror check isn’t one that many people like. This is probably one of the major push backs I get from many clients (particularly those whom want to lose fat). A “mirror check” is talking about self reflection, self awareness and looking in the mirror to find your current state of play (it can be hard to be honest with yourself). If you do it correctly it can be quite a brutal task to complete and many do unfortunately prefer to live in “ignorance is bliss” (no responsibility). Taking a mirror check removes all clutter and gives you a chance to be completely honest with yourself. This process not only should take place at the beginning of goal setting, but also self reflection is on-going task that should occur very regularly. In essence, you can’t move forward until you know where you stand, and if you can’t be honest with yourself, it will be very hard to find your path to “true north”.
  3. “System, methods and consistency”. If you wish to achieve more either with your training or weight loss, a plan needs to be put in place. With a plan in place you can figure out what it is you need to continuously move forward. A goal without a plan and system to review, reflect and adapt will easily be interrupted. Interrupted goals equals poor results. Want results? Set a goal and get a plan.

If you want more info, the video below will give some deeper info which covers the above topics.

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Morris Method out.

Are you ready to do something AWESOME in 2022?

If you have been thinking about improving your health and fitness, setting a goal like this can be a great way to get the motivation needed to act.

I have personally completed this OXFAM event many times and programmed for a number clients to successfully complete the 100km Trek.

I have designed a 14 week program to help you hike your way to the end of this 100km trek in August this year. The program will commence on the 23rd of May 2022 allowing for your fitness and health to adapt before the event.

If you are looking at challenging yourself like this and getting yourself out of your comfort zone, I am ready when you are.

Contact me via inbox, phone or email as shown below:

Ph: 0414592887

E: nathan@morrfithealthandperformance

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