Law of averages.

David P Brown Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This relates to the law of averages, which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes.

As a coach that now works with people all over Australia and newly overseas in 2020, I have really come to notice how important it is to say “no” when a potential client requests coaching, however their goal does not fit my speciality or is not ready to break free from their current routine.

I am probably a little emotionally attached to these thoughts and perceived views as my Dad would reiterate to me when I was younger just how influenced I was as a kid by the people around me. Although at the time this could have been perceived as a negative, to be honest I have grabbed hold of it, and made it one of my biggest strengths.

Not only does it play to a business’s strength to have like minded people with like minded goals,  I also think about it from a selfish point of view. I only want to be taking on clients and conversing with people whom want more, want more out of themselves and a constant sense of seeking progression. I want positive, I want focused, I want specific goal orientated people that have high expectations for themselves. 


Because it rubs off on me, and visa versa.

As many of you now know, I have changed over the years, with my modality of training and nutrition. I still can not stand “reasons” (excuses), because no matter what program you want to do, it will never happen if you think you are always too busy, always too tired or for some other reason you can think of to stop you from grabbing your life and taking charge.

It’s like when you ask someone “How are you?”, and their response is every-time without fail “so busy”, and it comes across as if they hate being “so busy” or it’s so exhausting. You know these people right…?,  I have no doubt people are busy, but if it’s always the same response, wouldn’t you be use to it?, so it just becomes the normal. If in any case you are so busy and you really hate it that much, only you can do something about it.

I have learnt this trick from my endurance endeavours, if you say something out loud, you will typically make it come true. It’s like saying out loud that you are tired, you are hungry or “I can’t do this!”. By voicing something you give it meaning, power and strength towards your feelings and thus actions.

So if you are always too busy, how could/would you ever achieve more than your “already busy schedule”?

So this gets back to my point, your environment and whom you chose to be around play a large role in your actions whether you realise it or not.

Are you trying to change your diet and your family aren’t supportive?

Are you trying to change your diet and your partner tries to pull you away from sticking to your plan?

Trying to stick to a new training plan, but keep getting pulled into another fun session not catered/specific to your goals?

I only take on clients whom want real change, whom are so sick of training all the time and still can’t remove that excess fat and/or see consistent performance results. By me doing this, I isolate and control my environment with like minded people. This is just one of the major reasons I can say all our clients get results, because I am pushy to those whom don’t want to move forward and set goals.

By having high achieving and goal setting clients, I also tend to drive harder and set goals continuously for myself, because “that’s just what we do” and that’s what The Morris Method is all about. Constant self reviewing, self analysis and individual progression.

In my opinion a life without setting goals and targets is really not something I would want to be living.

If you have health and performance goals, are you ensuring your environment suits these goals?, do the people you associate with allow you to continue to grow and aspire to bigger and better things?

Or, is your environment keeping you from getting where you really want? 

All I know is, it’s up to you.

The Law of Averages. What is your average?

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