Virtual or in person Morris Method running group!

Do you like running (or fast walking)?

Believe it or not, but your body can become super fit without pushing the intensity, and I am on a mission for the rest of my life to prove it. Our running group is not about hard running, just easy and fun for the all to join in.

Come and join me, either in person or join me virtually from anywhere in Australia (especially our outer-state clients) with a smiling photo of you at the end of your run and a #(hashtag) of #morrismethod. We would love to see all clients near and far participate and enjoy the community aspect while striving towards your own individual goals. It is not all about pace and smashing yourself and by no means is it a competition.

Our first run will be held this Friday 25th September 5:45am. We will meet at Harold West Reserve Carlingford and begin the run from there. If you are joining us virtually be sure to “snap” your selfie and post it with the #morrismethod. You do not need to complete this at 5:45am if completing it virtually, it can be done anytime on Friday. If you are not a runner and would prefer to walk, you can still participate as we would love as many people as possible involved, and after all its about your goals, not someone else’s.

Who is in? Below is a link to our first loop and total distance of 8km’s.

If you can’t make the run in Sydney ( Carlingford) but want to take part virtually, aim for the same 8km’s of easy terrain running or walking and at an easy pace.

Need some assistance with your running or endurance goals? The video below could help you and or reach out to us for a 10 day free trial of our Online Coaching by clicking this link.

Success! You're on the list.

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