Weight loss and endurance goals.

Weekly update.
Starting weight 77.8kg.
This week is 76.2kg.

The drop is happening and what I am most excited for is that my pace, endurance and overall performance has taken a huge jump over the last mesocycle of training. This is not just a lucky occurrence, I spent the last 12-15 months strictly building aerobic base. It sucked to be constantly so slow, but I am rewarded now from the disciplined training (it’s easy to go fast and train at an untamed intensity with your friends constantly).

As I am already fat adapted I have been placing a priority around protein and diminishing my dietary fat so that the body utilises body fat. This type of dietary control in my experience is only because of my ability to effectively burn fat before I drop the total energy (fast). I find that if I am not fat adapted prior to these goals, my body does not go nicely with the energy reduction and I become irritable, hungry and sleep goes to shit. Considering the make up of my nutrition dropping weight can come simply as a fast or two here and there without much further complication (it has not always been like this for me and my past weight struggles).

Now before you think to “dive in” and do this yourself, if you are not metabolically flexible fasting is not recommended (at all), please understand that I have spent over 6 months building my metabolic rate to handle a much more significant amount of energy (without weight gain). This will ensure the weight drop is as successful as it can be until I hit my inevitable plateau (which could come earlier than my goal weight of 72ish).

My training focus currently is still pace work. I have relatively good endurance however I fail to run at an acceptable pace for my own expectations. So my training looks very small in volume with moderate bouts of efforts placed in (volume and intensity don’t work well together for regular people like me).

All in all, I am on my way to perform and feel at my best come May 2021.

How are you going with your 2021 goals?
Comment below.

Latest video log is out.

“Now there is obviously a physical component to your recovery when it comes to performance improvements, but what I think is largely forgotten about is the mental recovery. So this week looking past what food I could eat, what stretching I could do to improve recovery I also wanted to focus on getting some mental down time.”

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