Joining the minority

Joining the minority,

at least that’s what it felt like when we decided to dig a little deeper into what optimal nutrition and better performance for busy people really looks like. Asking questions and going against the grain is a hard thing to do, especially when you have been promoting a certain way for so long.

There are still people reading my posts today shocked when I say a regular high intensity class is the last thing people need for general health and weight loss goals (and let’s be honest this is why most people join a gym). I myself was an over-fat group fitness instructor doing my utmost best to be healthy and fit for the people I was teaching. Imagine standing on stage instructing a fitness class but yet overweight yourself, yep that was me and it wasn’t due to a lack of work ethic or “motivation”. Working with the general population over a decade now, you learn how even a moderate intensity training session can become overly stressful for the majority of people.

Most people leave the gym due to “motivation/no time”, I actually find this very hard to believe that’s a motivation and lack of time problem. Your personality does not just change suddenly overnight and you become “unmotivated”, it’s likely because of the effort you applied towards the modality of the training provided to you when first sign up. I also don’t have time for something in my life that provides me with nothing in return, so I can understand why you would cancel.

Huge effort, with very little in return.

Similarly to a lot of the foods in the supermarkets, highly energy sufficient but with insufficient nutrients. Many overweight people are led to believe that the only important variable to adjust is calories, without any consideration as to why the quality of their food is driving the body and minds behaviours/actions. Calories “in and out” are dependent variables, consistently change one and the other changes as a result.

When you go and do a hard workout, do you ever feel like you deserve a “reward”?, ever feel like you get to the weekend and just crave certain foods but yet throughout the week your diet is so “clean”?, ever feel depleted after a hard workout and just need to refuel the body?.

The above is just one of the major issues I have with the food industry and fitness industry. Useless comparisons above marketed so that you can eat your treats and all you need to do is burn off the same amount of calories eaten.

I am sure I can not be the only one falling for this. Actually wait, I definitely know I am not the only one, our clients have experienced this.

The food industry wouldn’t like you knowing so many of the products sold are harmful to the body over years of consumption, additionally the fitness industry wouldn’t like you knowing that a regular high intensity workout for busy people is the last thing for better health, weight loss and sustainable growth of physical performance.

Unfortunately it comes down to the dollar. Dollars made out of injected nutrients into “healthy” cereals and dollars made out of quick solution workouts/programs for the time poor people (high intensity training).

Since learning and understanding health and performance specifically for the general population and endurance training it’s amazing to sit back and realise just how sideways (and sometimes backwards) most advice is, towards improving health and fitness. 

I am a minority and have turned many noses the wrong way by shining a light on the fitness industry recommendations.

I will be beating my drum for the rest of my life. If I can help someone who is trying their very best like I was and show them a more efficiently, specific route towards better health and performance, I will keep challenging the status quo.

What is it going to take for you to question your current method?

Actual effort vs. your perceived effort.
Trying to follow the 80/20 rule?
Trying to “cover all basis”?
Trying to do easy aerobic work but also don’t want to lose your speed.
If your week consists of a variety of sessions to cover all basis, I can confirm your results will be subpar compared to your program periodised to your event timeline.
Stop the guess work.

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