Having energy for your kids.

This is something that I have become very passionate about as a coach and working with clients that are stressed, over worked and pumped with the family schedule.

If Nicole and I had our kids even just one year before we did, I would be in a very different state both physically and mentally. I have come from pushing the limits in training, the chronic reducing calorie diets and horrible lifestyle practices (yes while still a working PT).

If I was to continue to train the way I used to, I wouldn’t have enough time with my kids and even if I did….I would be too sore/tired to be playing and running around with them.

If you have a family and would like more energy to play with them, having a training plan that is indicative of this is critical. You can not afford to be one, wasting time and two, feeling more exhausted afterwards.

I will be going live both Tuesday 6:00pm and Thursday 6:00pm on this very topic and how you can have better energy throughout the day and thus more energy to put towards your kids.

Tuesday 6:00pm will be on Youtube (click here to schedule)

Thursday 6:00pm will be on Facebook (click here to schedule)

Feel free to send this to a family/friend if they are struggling with their health and fitness.

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