Scared of setting a goal.

I am sure you can agree when I say that stressing over a goal you haven’t even fully committed to is a waste of energy, although you probably agree, we all do it.

Nicole and I hear it all the time, “I want to get fitter and feel better”, “I wish I could run a half marathon”. Unfortunately it can be a rare occasion that someone will act accordingly to these wants and desires. Although this is true that many don’t act accordingly to their wants in regards to health and performance, many also just sit on the fence and stop themselves from completely diving into their goals because of the fear of failure.

“I would like to lose a few kilos”, “I just need some motivation”, “I am too old”, “I don’t have time”, “every time I try I just fail anyway”, “I am too much of a foodie”, “my body aches”.

Something will always come up, there will always be another social event, there will be days where you have to say “no”, there will always be days that it feels hard and exhausting.The problem is, if you don’t lay it on the line you may never give yourself the true opportunity to cross that line and grasp what it is that you want.

So what is it that you really want?

Do you really want to lose weight? Or is it just something you say to stay sitting on the fence…..?

Now while there is a lot to be said about the traditional approach to improving ones health and fitness, some basics will cross over into any modality you chose towards your results. This is to actually set a clear outcome of what it is that you want and a plan can be created backwards from here.

Setting a measurable goal removes the useless but blissful ignorance, or I am sure you would have heard the saying….”Ignorance is bliss”. An easy example is like someone trying to lose weight and that same person avoiding the scales….

If you are reading this and realise you are sitting on the fence with your goals, get out a pen and paper and start with SMART – it will take you 5min.


Specific = (this is most people biggest downfall when goal setting).

Measurable = (how will you measure your progress/success?)

Action = (what are the actions?)

Realistic = (yes/no)

Timeframe = (short/long term?)


Setting a goal requires honesty, setting a goal requires extreme self awareness, setting a goal requires consistent management, setting a goal requires many opportunities to fail.

But above all else, setting a goal will allow you to know, did you cross the line and get what it is you wanted?

Every Thursday 6:00pm I go Live with all to discuss topics on all things health and performance. Specifically related to endurance training and weight loss.

This week I will be talking about why some clients when they start with us aren’t actually ready to start losing weight right away. Subjects also will include Famine Reaction, Diet Jumping, Adaptive Thermogenesis, Eating More to lose weight, Satiety and a little on Insulin resistance.

If you wish to join in – use this link for a reminder.

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