Strength exercises for trail running (part 2 of 5)

Welcome to the part 2 of 5 video series where we are talking about strength exercises for trail running.

Are you an avid trail runner and looking to lift your endurance performance?

Are you training for an upcoming event and need some help with strength exercises for your trail running?

This video goes a little deeper into how you can lift your endurance through the use of 3 strength exercises. What race are you training for?

Are you looking for a real challenge in 2021?

UTA (Ultra Trail Australia) 18 Week Program starting 11th January 2021

Are you super busy with your general life, but also you are looking for an opportunity to level up your physical performance and toe the start line of one of Australia’s most iconic trail races?

Sign up for either the 22km, 50km or 100km and get yourself prepared correctly with the Morris Method.

Our base Morris Method coaching starts at $29.00/week.

What will this include?

  • Periodised endurance program specifically tailored for you and this event.
  • Strength program to compliment and increase endurance performance.
  • Full access to a ROMWOD and their mobility/stretching tutorials.
  • Full access to Morris Method exercise tutorial videos.

If you feel you are in need of a more detailed coaching experience, the below inclusions are provided in our premium Morris Method coaching packages. 

  • Check-ins to ensure program quality control and client satisfaction.
  • Quality and quantity dietary changes designed specifically towards your goals.
  • Race day nutrition plan.
  • Unlimited coaching calls discussing your progression and support.
  • Adjustable training program designed to fit into your busy work/life schedule.

Please feel free contact for more detailed if you feel it is required.

Ready to go?

Enquire with the link below and we will get back in touch.

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